The Vision

The vision and hope for the Bistro is that it will be a solution for the food desert in our communities, providing good tasting, healthy, and nutritional clean food options for the world.

About The Owner

Qadiyr Sadiq, a visionary, has always seen a need for a place where people can come in to get fulfilled with good nutrients for the body, mind, and soul. Sadiq’s Bistro will offer a full scale juice bar, which will have the capabilities of nourishing the body through liquids as an option to solid foods,{smoothies,  fresh juices, teas, soups, hot drinks, elixirs and more.

The design and build background of  Qadiyr Sadiq is ever so displayed when you walk into this establishment which is filled with an East African motif, which is part of his ancestry heritage . The environment created will have a reconnection to “Great People” at a certain dispensation of time, and some will be motivated and inspired to go on their one journey with in.


Our Chefs

Hakiym G.Womeck - 'Chef Hok'

Chef Hoc was introduced to the kitchen at the early age of 9, by his Grandfather George Hinton Ansley, who tought him how to make peanut brittle candy. This is where he first took an interest in cooking and making his own recipes.

Hakiym, a.k.a Chef Hoc was amazed at how his grandfather knew how to cook & prepare so many amazing meat and fish dishes, mainly chicken, turkey and fish and not just for Christmas and thanksgiving. By the age the age of 13, Hakiym was learning from his aunties & grandmother all types of what we call soul food. One of his favorites was and still is his grandmothers blueberry dumplings, who got it from her mother.

By the time he reach the age of 18, he and his cousin Yolanda become outstanding cooks who played the role of each others souse chef depending on who’s dinner party it was at the time.

In 2014, Hakiym attended and completed The CHOW Institute For the Culinary Arts in New York where he learned Plating, Baking, Edible fruit Arrangements, catering & restaurant operations, food sanitations, food preparation & storage, FAA & DOHMH regulations & proper disposal methods. New York City Food Protection/Food Handling License and more.

His professional experience is extensive. Most recent 2017-2016, He helped create menus for service, managed teams ensuring kitchen is well cleaned for service and inspections, managed multiple stations construction of specials of the day. He cooked at Fordham University in New York City, Chef and managed At Baylor Richardson Hospital in Dallas TX. Chef and Managed At The Goodie Gallery in Milledgeville GA.,. Skills And Qualifications include managerial experience, cash management, reliable and dependable, highly organized, extraordinary interpersonal skills.

You can reach Chef Hoc @