The Vision

The vision and hope for the Bistro is that it will be a solution for the food desert in our communities, providing good tasting, healthy, and nutritional clean food options for the world.

About The Owner

Qadiyr Sadiq, a visionary, has always seen a need for a place where people can come in to get fulfilled with good nutrients for the body, mind, and soul. Sadiq’s Bistro will offer a full scale juice bar, which will have the capabilities of nourishing the body through liquids as an option to solid foods,{smoothies,  fresh juices, teas, soups, hot drinks, elixirs and more.

The design and build background of  Qadiyr Sadiq is ever so displayed when you walk into this establishment which is filled with an East African motif, which is part of his ancestry heritage . The environment created will have a reconnection to “Great People” at a certain dispensation of time, and some will be motivated and inspired to go on their one journey with in.