About Us



Greetings of Peace, Qadiyr Sadiq a visionary, has always seen a need for a place where people can come in to get fulfilled with good nutrients for the body, mind, and soul. Sadiq's Bistro will offer a full scale juice bar, which will have the capabilities of nourishing the body through liquids as an option to solid foods,{smoothies, fresh juices, teas, soups, hot drinks, elixirs and more . We will have vegan, vegetarian and raw options, as well as Halal lamb, chicken, and fresh fish, prepared at separate location in kitchen area by our culinary talented staff. Contributions for recipes will come from Senegal, West African, through the intellectual property of Queen Khadijah. We will have many more beautiful spirited people on the team contributing in many ways to guarantee a great product and our success.

The design and build background of  Qadiyr Sadiq is ever so displayed when you walk into this establishment which is filled with an East African motif, which is part of his ancestry heritage . The environment created will have a reconnection to "Great People" and some will be motivated and inspired to go on their own journey within. 

Sadiq's vision  and hope for the Bistro is that it will be a solution for the food desert in our communities, providing good tasting, healthy, and nutritional clean food options,  for everybody to enjoy.

Also our event space will allow us to enjoy each other on many social levels rather it be live jazz, workshops, yoga classes, martial arts, open mic., karaoke, or nights and evenings where we will host lectures by invited guests for us to not just talk about it, but have a (THINK TANK), that produces solutions for our social ills that are in our communities.   

Thank You, Qadiyr Sadiq.